Congratulations to our 2018 award receipients!

The following students were awarded the ‘Dance Achievement Award’ for their class in 2018.

The award is presented to a student from each class who possesses passion and love of dance, and who has exemplified commitment and consistency over the course of the year.

Belmont Tinies                                           Maeve Windmeyer

Belmont Juniors                                        Meg Irlam

Belmont Inters                                          Elara Dillon

Belmont Seniors                                       Emily West

Highton Tinies                                            Ayla Colwell

Highton Juniors                                         Ruby Cadby

Highton Inters                                           Evie Muspratt

Highton Seniors                                        Claire Brodie

Bell Post Hill Tinies                                   Maisie Galtry

Bell Post Hill Juniors                                Sulyn Ward

Bell Post Hill Inters                                   Shakira Stosic

Bell Post Hill Seniors                                Eva Reid

Geelong Tinies                                           Angela Farrer

Geelong Juniors / Inters                         Mia Meadows

Geelong Seniors                                        Felicity Fox

Torquay Juniors / Inters                         Lucy Adlam

Torquay Seniors                                        Georgie MacPherson

Geelong West Tinies                                Ella Penny-Ryan

Geelong West Juniors / Inters             Sophie Hutchinson

Geelong West Seniors                            Tahlia Cavallo

Hamlyn Heights Tinies                            Evie Witney

Hamlyn Heights Juniors                         Finn Stokes

Hamlyn Heights Inters                            Leah Spiteri

Hamlyn Heights Seniors                         Molly Howell

Hamlyn Heights Advanced Seniors     Kayla Macleod

Grovedale Tinies / Juniors                     Ava Tarjani

Grovedale Inters                                       Charli Freeth

Grovedale Seniors                                    Anika Bono

Grovedale Tap Tinies / Juniors            Maisy Hosking

Grovedale Tap Inters / Seniors            Franca Eddy

Hamlyn Heights Acro Level 1                Maci Flanders

Hamlyn Heights Acro Level 2                Sadie Hurst

Hamlyn Heights Acro Level 3                Gabrielle Wong

Bannockburn Tinies                                 Annie Hargans

Bannockburn Juniors                              Chelsea Liddicoat

Bannockburn Inters                                Clare Hardy

Bannockburn Seniors                             Jessie Shaw

Bannockburn Advanced Seniors         Sabine Bethune

Lara Tinies                                                   Bonnie Kinnersley

Lara Juniors                                                Emily Milsome

Lara Inters                                                   Sophie Veenstra

Lara Seniors                                                Eliza Forster

Boys Break-dancing                                 David Saunders

Contemporary Extension Junior         Mallory Keane

Contemporary Extension Senior         Isabella Rosa

Commerical                                                Georgia Krivan

Armstrong Creek Acro 1                        Mia Houston

Armstrong Creek Acro 2                        Addison Fulton

Armstrong Creek Acro 3                        Anabelle Wingrave

Armstrong Creek Tinies                          Mackenzie Moore

Armstrong Creek Juniors                       Molly McGlynn

Armstrong Creek Inters                          Aaylah Brockenshire

Armstrong Creek Seniors                       Charlotte Wright